Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 174 - lunch

Decorator arrived this morning about Mrs Payne's bedroom.  Had barely stepped through door when asked about cup of tea, was parched.  Tea having been provided, Mrs Payne showed chap to the room, and after some further complaint about wood chip, left him to his task.

Checked on Mrs Payne's bedroom on way back from getting mid-morning tea, and bound to say progress quite astounding.  Had stripped and papered two "feature" walls, and was making terribly good progress on third.  Mrs Payne looked terribly excited, was carefully holding bucket of wallpaper paste on tiny stepladder.  Seeing me, Mrs Payne exclaimed with delight,
"He doesn't use flour and water!  Fancy!  And I'm helping!".  At this Mrs Payne lifted bucket off stepladder one or two inches so decorator could dip in paste brush, before Mrs Payne returned bucket to stepladder.  Decorator turned to me, saying with quite some disdain,
"She asked if she could help.".

Looked upon room with quiet awe at the quite frightful result.  Holding tea in hand, was rather concerned as to it souring the milk.  Broad pink stripes made one feel rather like toffee in a brightly coloured wrapper, and having looked dazzling vertical stripes for some seconds, felt ever so queasy like was on a ship.  Mrs Payne looked around also, saying it did look lovely, adding further,
"Wait until the yellow paint is up!  It'll really set it off!".

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