Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 175 - lunch

Mrs Payne altogether in bad mood this morning, looked like tired panda.  Said with annoyance had barely slept, street light caused room to,
"Light up like a merry-go-round.", could see stripes when eyes closed!  With some annoyance, most unreasonably blamed me for suggestion on paper.  Further, chest of drawers having been removed, now had not a jot of space for clothes, fearfully inconvenient.  Thinking better of defending this tirade, escaped by way of saying was going to start work.

Came down mid-morning for tea and found Mrs Payne altogether absent from lounge, presumed her quite enjoying her room, presently took tea upstairs.  Found with much surprise Mrs Payne vigorously rollering paint, said decorating positively fearful, had found some spare paint in garage to use.  Set tea on bed stand and quite left Mrs Payne to it, saying to herself in much annoyance,
"It still shows through!".

Checked at lunchtime and found Mrs Payne sat on bed, perspiring profusely and looking awfully red.  Said with a gasp,
"Doesn't it... look lovely!".  Surveyed room for some minutes, after which said ever so politely had a few points.  Was she aware paint rather dripping down skirting boards?  Might she see about wiping it off?  Further, had noticed stripes still rather showing through.  At this Mrs Payne said with much annoyance,
"It's had three coats!".  Quite ignored this response, said finally,
"You do know it's the same colour it was originally?".

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