Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 175

Decorator quite finished by yesterday afternoon, having drank one final tea, as was parched, saw about payment and left.  Standing in her room, Mrs Payne said was terribly expensive, quite some hundreds of pounds, but was worth it.  Replied I needed some air.

Finished work as other half came home, awfully excited to see mother's room.  No sooner had come through door as other half queried with excitement,
"Is it nice?".  Bound to say had not a word to say in response, merely stood open mouthed searching for the words.  Finally managed a "Hmm!", as other half climbed stairs.

Followed slowly behind other half as she went to Mrs Payne's room, having only just recovered from feeling ever so ill earlier.  As such had barely reached top of the stairs as other half's voice carried from bedroom,

Took deep breath as went into the room, to find other half open mouthed with equal measure of exasperation and fury.  Mrs Payne rather not making situation better, as sat on bed wearing sunglasses reading magazine, said with pride,
"Doesn't it look lovely!  I helped!".

Room altogether worse having received yellow paint on one wall.  Quite unable to say which of two was worse, but combination quite frightful.  Striped wallpaper ever so overbearing in relatively small room, with movement of head causing fearful feeling of motion.  Other half closed eyes for moment before dashing out of room saying with dread as she went,
"I think I feel sick.".

Bound to say dinner last night rather quiet, as other half still furious as to decorating.  Most displeased also, as other half rather blamed me.  Mrs Payne received altogether no answer, as queried on several occasions,
"Is the light a bit stripy in here?".

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