Monday, 25 June 2012

Day 176 - lunch

Not as much as a glimpse of Mrs Payne this morning, most odd as out all morning and newspaper barely touched.  Looked over it whilst having rather extended mid-morning tea break, and came across crossword, half-complete, abandoned by Mrs Payne at breakfast.

Had not a jot to do so took to making sense of crossword myself.  Ever so difficult as Mrs Payne had quite fearful answers already inked in.  For clue, "Beautiful flower, S--, 11 letters", Mrs Payne had entered, "S E L F  R A I S I N G".  For clue, "Commander of soldiers, B--, 9 letters", Mrs Payne had entered, "B O I L E D E G G".  By way of connecting these words, Mrs Payne had unfortunate clue, "Feeling at this time in life, S--G, 7 letters", had entered,
"S A G G I N G".

Bound to say remainder of crossword ever so difficult and quite certain entirety of Mrs Payne's answers most ridiculous.  Shall query the sagging later.

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