Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day 178

Have written diary entry early this morning.  Explained to other half yesterday evening of plan to follow Mrs Payne, as altogether peculiar regards her going out all day.  Other half said was quite ridiculous and most silliest of ideas.  Could she be involved?  Explained I thought it rather like James Bond, 007.  At this other half exclaimed she could be 'M'!  Said I rather thought her Moneypenny.  This vigorously denied, said she was M.

Organised plan such that should Mrs Payne totter off this morning, other half would spy from front window, whilst I would carefully follow having exited from back door.  Would communicate by way of mobile telephone as to progress.  This having been agreed with much excitement, other half said I did not have licence to kill, but rather licence "not to knock the bally bin over this time".

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