Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 179 - lunch

Other half again looked terribly determined this morning at breakfast.  With awfully good acting I said as Mrs Payne finished her breakfast,
"Oh, say.  I had better empty the bin.  How silly of me.  Yes, I will do that now.".  Most surprised as other half grimaced during this performance, which turned into sickly smile as Mrs Payne looked at her altogether confused.

As I set about going outside heard Mrs Payne say to her daughter with some exasperation,
"I better be going.  Sometimes your Robert is a fearful idiot.".
Most displeased with this as took some time putting bag in bin.  Mobile telephone vibrated in pocket, and answered in with much pleasure at my stealthiness.  Other half said again,
"Old mother goose has left the nest!".  Replied with excitement,
"Tally ho!  I'm off!", and set off as I hung up, hearing other half say with some annoyance,
"Tally ho?  You're not on a bally boat!".

Followed quite some stealthy tracking, as I carefully sneaked from bush to bush behind Mrs Payne. Had frightful shock as Mrs Payne turned at one time, and had to dash into someone's garden through a gate.  Heart was quite pounding at this and missed an old chap kneeling down gardening, positively tumbled over him landing in a heap.  Evidently an army man, old chap of at least 150 years took several moments getting to his feet, at which barked in fearful voice,
"What the devil!  Name and rank, young man!".  Stood also, and altogether silent with the shock, as chaps wife, no doubt equaling his years, shouted from front door with equal bark,
"Is that the postman?".  At this old chap seemed rather lacking in visual identification, said with scrutiny,
"Got any post?".  Begged his pardon, but I didn't, and promptly escaped through gate before further questions.  Heard old chap as I continued my pursuit shouting to his wife,
"No post today, dear!".

Thankful to say no further accosting took place, and having kept up, saw Mrs Payne reach her destination!  Ever so excited to tell other half, and shall write not a jot more until I do.

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