Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 179

Writing early again this morning, as attempting another plan to follow Mrs Payne.

Other half rather annoyed yesterday with me having lost Mrs Payne.  Said had a jolly good mind to demote me to 006.  When enlisted to help with 'intelligence', had rather hoped for a bit more of it!  Thought this distinctly rough.

Other half detailed updated plan, with me taking bin out as Mrs Payne left.  This rather more convenient as would be quite ready to follow Mrs Payne, and had alibi to be outside.  Bound to say other half thought herself quite the mastermind, and once plan complete, other half said with excitement,
"Right, 006!  To your preparations!".  Altogether displeased as this reduction in number.  Followed silence for a few moments, at which other half said I was a darling and looked terribly disappointed, was promoting me to 007 again.  Said I should jolly well think so as we embraced.

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