Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 180 - lunch

Further probing from other half revealed Mrs Payne partaking in beginner's course at crown green bowling club. Had always fancied giving it a go, and rather near. Followed, however, quite scathing description, as Mrs Payne said,
"They're all fearfully old, you know! Not a day under 70 among them!". Held my tongue at this, as was quite certain Mrs Payne altogether approaching the fine old age herself. Mrs Payne added by way of underlining her point,
"And they do talk some nonsense! One at least two separate occasions I had to ask for quiet while I threw my ball!". Quite uncertain as to this being correct terminology, however had no time to query, as Mrs Payne continued saying could not give up, as everyone so fearfully kind! Also, they had cake.

Bound to say has always been curiosity of mine to play bowls, and hit upon quite brilliant idea. Exclaimed at an instant,
"I say, Mrs Payne! We can play with you!". At this other half gave a squeal of delight, said whilst clapping her hands,
"Oh! Lets!".
Mrs Payne altogether unsure of this, said with dejection,
"You'll have to bring cake.".

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