Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 180

Other half positively thrilled to the core as told her of mother's destination. Said she was ever so sneaky, would have to be taught a lesson.

At breakfast other half and I altogether casual with our conversation. Looking out of window, exclaimed to other half,
"I say, the grass is looking GREEN!".   Most displeased as got barely a movement from Mrs Payne, however other half exclaimed in reply,
"Oh, it is! We could play a GAME on such fine GRASS!". At this Mrs Payne shifted rather in her seat, as other half and I looked at each other with delight.

Some moments passed as we had our breakfast, with look of quiet concern across Mrs Payne's face.  Having got up to see about tidying away, I further upped the ante, exclaiming with surprise,
"Bowls! We do have a lot of bowls in the dishwasher!". Other half gave a sly smile, said nonchalantly,
"I beg your pardon, Robert?". Repeated my comment with quite some emphasis,
"Lot of BOWLS!", to which other half echoed,
"BOWLS?", until both of us were in quite frantic bowls related conversation, at which Mrs Payne stood up and quite some agitation said with annoyance,

Other half giggled rather in giddy excitement as we attempted silence. After some moments I asked in rather calm way, had she enjoyed it? At this Mrs Payne looked altogether serious, and and got up to leave the table, uttered a single word,

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