Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day 178 - lunch

Awfully nervous earlier this morning as waited for Mrs Payne to make her move.  M looked altogether unmoved, gave me steely look of determination, bound to say was quite nerving!

Eventually Mrs Payne said was going out, with other half and I giving barely a response.  At this Mrs Payne seemed rather affronted, soon left home with rather a slam of front door.  Other half jumped up, giving me quite a shock, at which exclaimed rather stealthily,
"Get to the bally door, 007!".

Jumped up and opened back door rather quietly as not to let Mrs Payne hear, no doubt barely a yard from the house.  Had awful shock as mobile telephone rang with quite frightfully loud tone, with heart quite pounding as struggled to turn it off.  Other half whispered hoarsely down the phone with much annoyance,
"You fool, you've damned us all!".  Replied I thought this rather ridiculous, as other half interrupted saying,
"Old mother goose has left the nest!".  Begged her pardon, but what was that?  At this other half said rather in annoyance,
"I say Robert, you're not taking this very seriously.".  Once message understood, set off altogether stealthily after Mrs Payne.  Stopping at front of house however, saw not a jot of her.  Looked around with awed surprise.  Mrs Payne had vanished.

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