Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 181 - lunch

Encouragement of Mrs Payne's bowling career continued this morning, as other half reminisced of jolly time had yesterday. Oh how we laughed! Was Mrs Payne returning today?

At this Mrs Payne said beginners course now ended. Had not a jot of intent to return, as would quite certainly be convinced to join by kindness alone. Other half most displeased at this, thought for few moments and exclaimed with delight,
"Oh, I say! You said earlier you'd like a game today, didn't you, Robert? I think you said you had some time at lunch!".

Bound to say had not a jot of reply to other half's entrapment, was most displeased at losing lunchtime, however other half most insistent that mother would not want to prevent me playing. Mrs Payne scrutinised me closely, saying directly,
"Do you want to play?". Quite choked at this, before saying ernestly,
"Oh, fearfully!". At this Mrs Payne gave large sigh, said with dismay,
"Alright, but I'm throwing the cue ball.".

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