Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 181

Played bowls at weekend, much to annoyance of Mrs Payne. Said it altogether fearful, was sure to be dragged into conversation with overly nice patrons. Other half insisted furiously, until Mrs Payne finally agreed with provision of cake.

Was told beforehand insistence from other half principally in effort to get Mrs Payne to sign up and off sofa. One could not live on crosswords alone. Said this quite alright, had quantity of biscuits also.

In effort to get new patrons, bowling club terribly nice to lend equipment, and arriving at club was duly greeted by elderly lady sat in little hut. Followed quite barage of conversation that was ever so glad to see Elizabeth back! Wasn't the weather nice for today! And Elizabeth had brought some friends! Very nice! Did we all want to play! Polite smiles having been provided, we took our playing items, with Mrs Payne tottering away as fast as possible, saying far enough away,
"See! Quite ghastly!".

Other half and I quite elated at this new found game. Lifting the large black balls, weighting ever so strange, exclaimed were quite unsure as to how to throw them! Further, had a little white "jack" to aim for, looked altogether small!

Mrs Payne, evidently not in mood for prolonged exchange, said rather sharply,
"Throw the cue ball!".
Bound to say was altogether unsure how hard to roll it, seemed positively miles away, but was sure to roll too far into ditch. Had just finished exclaiming this to other half, and was in process of discussing strategy when Mrs Payne quite snatched jack from my hand, said,
"Let me throw the cue ball!", viciously launched ball into the air over-arm fashion, such that it landed with something of a thud, and stopped some way towards the edge of the green with a little bounce. Pleased with her effort, Mrs Payne hummed rather, then said at volume,

Followed a game quite delightful in fun but fearfully difficult. All fared rather similar, with bowls going in most ridiculous of directions, thankfully not interfering with others on account of green being quiet.

Helping herself to second piece of cake by way of "penance" Mrs Payne no jollier having won. Other half and I both exclaimed greatly as to what a fun game it was! Would love to come here every day to play! Still, one had to work. If we were retired however, would join in an instant!

Handing back equipment to bowling club lady, had quite some discussion on enjoying the game, with Mrs Payne terribly impatient in waiting. Bound to say conversation rather cut short when club lady provided chilling report that a criminal had been seen in area posing as postman, was found prowling around home rather near here, had we seen anything? Said it was time to go.

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