Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 183 - lunch

Most frightful this morning, as ever so guilty about avoiding bowls yesterday. Mrs Payne flagrant in disregard, made point of saying to daughter had played bowls again. Quite shrank as Mrs Payne said with amusement,
"Do say how well you did, Robert!".

Followed altogether fumbling avoidance of the question, said rather enjoyed winning the games. Other half positively jumped on this, said to mother would certainly be expecting her to put up better effort today! What terrible fun! At this Mrs Payne said wryly she would surely,
"Not let Robert get away with another game!", and turning to me added with a smile,
"Will I, Robert?".

Most dismayed by this, however Mrs Payne's amusement quickly turned to fury, as other half, still fearfully focused on Mrs Payne joining club, said could not bear missing the excitement any longer, would pop along at lunch to see us play!

Mrs Payne most resistant, said was altogether silly to use lunchtime watching us, play was positively awful! Would certainly tell her at dinner time how it went, but most kind to show such enthusiasm. Other half quite ignored this plea, said would be there at one o'clock, was sure we'd be having a jolly game! At this other half duly left for work, repeating her instructions rather seriously upon leaving as to seeing us at lunchtime.

Mrs Payne most furious, quite blamed me for this turn of events! Declared in response this positive nonsense, if Mrs Payne ejected herself from sofa once in a while, would not be playing in first place! Mrs Payne it utmost annoyance said loudly in defense,
Replied could certainly do so, but by the by, was taking biscuit barrel with me bowling. At this Mrs Payne positively outraged, said with fury as she stood,
"You bounder!".

Said I would be leaving at a quarter to one.

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