Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 183

Sat in coffee shop most annoyed yesterday, and further by Horseface appearing as so often does. Said would get coffee and join us.

Mrs Payne most amused to tell Horseface of our plans to get her out of house. Positively furious as Horseface erupted into silvery laughter as Mrs Payne repeated for the thousandth time,
"I knew he'd break.".

This not bad enough, Horseface went on to say as it happens, rather fancied bowls herself. Might we all play? This rapidly reduced Mrs Payne's amusement, said was terribly sorry, was busy! Yes, altogether busy, terribly sorry!

Made our excuses, having finished our coffee, and said good-bye to Horseface. Mrs Payne explained having escaped as to Horseface being fearfully competitive, was most laborious having to beat her just to prove a point. Begged her pardon, but was she not rather terrible, as was I? Mrs Payne replied with much indignation,
"I'm a positive marvel at the game!".

Rather think I'd like another game.

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