Thursday, 5 July 2012

Day 184 - lunch

Other half made not a mention of mother's lack of presence for bowling yesterday evening. In fact, made quite point of talking about numerous other things, including had not seen Horseface and boss for a while. Quite froze at this, as Mrs Payne and I had clearly seen Horseface in town. Other half continued unabated, said had telephoned Horseface earlier, by the by, would be coming around Thursday evening for dinner. Said I thought this a jolly idea, quite frantic regarding Horseface outing our insubordination regarding playing bowls on Tuesday.

Mrs Payne seemed altogether disinterested in this, continued to read newspaper with one hand in biscuit tin. After making quite some excavations, Mrs Payne uttered with annoyance,
"I say, we've ran out of biscuits!". At this other half quickly jumped in, said nonchalantly,
"I suppose you had to eat them all seeing as you didn't have the tin lid?".
Mrs Payne altogether sheepish at this, asked what time was dinner tomorrow.

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