Friday, 6 July 2012

Day 185

Horseface and boss arrived for dinner last night most excitedly. Heart quite in mouth as Horseface said knowing, had not seen us for an age!

Had most enjoyable dinner as heard tales of Horseface and boss' recent holiday. Frightfully expensive, and most displeased as other half exclaimed in delight we should go there. Positively choked as Mrs Payne ventured,
"Oh! Can I come too!".

Quite ignored this, and all sat in silence whilst searching in vain to change subject. Horseface exclaimed at once as to how we were going with bowls? Explained carefully as to no longer playing, and gesturing rather unsubtly, added that certain people didn't like playing. At this Horseface smiled, said really was terribly hard game, not to worry. Remembering Horseface mentioned playing when in coffee shop, queried as to whether she might like a game? Bound to say Horseface positively delighted, and game settled for tomorrow. Boss most put out, asked was he not invited as spectator? Said he certainly was, to which other half coughed ever so comically, was duly invited also.

Plans having been made, all seemed ever so excited, with Horseface again saying to Mrs Payne not to worry. Looked quite furious as Horseface said kindly,
"Better leave it to us, Bitty, ever such a hard game.". Bound to say Mrs Payne shook with fury, quite thought she might pop!

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