Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 186 - lunch

Fearfully annoyed this morning as Mrs Payne most amused to mention biscuits at every opportunity. Said after breakfast rather thought she might have a biscuit with coffee. This echoed at mid-morning tea time,
"You know, I fancy a biscuit!".

Had not a crumb in the house other than Mrs Payne's tins and tins of biscuits, most annoying as had not an inch to store them. Mrs Payne most adamant had positively filled her room, had ten tins! She declared this most useful however should she become a "jot peckish" in the night, really was quite cleverest of purchases.

Having quite enough of no biscuits, went to local shop. Most displeased as had quite fearful selection. Returned home with much dismay, to which was met by Mrs Payne, exclaiming with delight upon finding I had bought hobnobs,
"Hobnobs! Oh, I say, Robert! Absolute filth!". Gnawed begrudgingly on my hobnob as Mrs Payne exclaimed again,
"You know, I fancy a biscuit!".

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