Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 187 - lunch

Invited Horseface around for tea at lunchtime, as soon joined us outside coffee shop, with Mrs Payne still fearfully annoyed, waving her biscuit in general direction and calling them bounders. Suggested to Horseface we should go.

Positively furious making tea at home when realised had left shopping bag in coffee shop, containing my biscuits. Mrs Payne altogether unsympathetic, said with amusement,
"One should look after one's biscuits more carefully!".

Drank my tea whilst Mrs Payne offered biscuit to Horseface. Only one, mind! At this, quite remembered what Horseface had said, asked to inspect Mrs Payne's biscuit tin. This taken with much reticence from Mrs Payne, however eventually handed me tin, as said to Horseface with shock,
"He left me at home last week, to starve! He's not having a crumb!".

Looking at tin revealed Horseface's concern, expiry date "13/7/12". Handed tin back to Mrs Payne and queried as to progress on two dozen boxes. Said with pride had only finished top tray of first tin! Weren't they lasting! Said I rather thought they were, however by the by, expiry date was this Friday. At this Mrs Payne altogether shocked, looked in disbelief at a few tins, were all the same.

Most distraught, Mrs Payne said with little tear that was positively awful, could not eat biscuits after expiry, would do terrible things to health to people "our age". Begged Mrs Payne's pardon, was certainly not "her age", further expiry on biscuits only guideline anyway, was sure they would be fine.

Followed fearful explanation from Mrs Payne that had eaten a "ripe wine gum" past its expiry once, had been ill for a month! Mrs Payne looked amongst many tins still in lounge with more distress, said after some silence,
"I say, would you like a biscuit, Robert?".

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