Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 187

Other half most displeased as to hobnob purchase yesterday evening. Said with some amused horror,
"I vowed 'for better or for worse', but THIS!". Most amused, Mrs Payne exclaimed with pleasure,
"I know, dear! Absolute filth! Would you like a biscuit? Just one, mind!".

Most dejected this morning so decided to go into town to get better biscuits. Mrs Payne positively intolerable, however was most insistent about coming along. Thought rather better of leaving her at home lest she declare herself "left to starve" once more.

Biscuits having been purchased, said perhaps could visit coffee shop. Mrs Payne most delighted by this idea.

No sooner had we sat down with coffee as Mrs Payne reached into bag, was much surprised as she extracted several biscuits. Saying in whispered amusement,
"I fancy a biscuit!". Replied this most unreasonable, outside food altogether frowned upon in coffee shops, might she put them away? This met with much indignation, said we lived in democracy, did we not, and one could enjoy biscuits when and where one pleased!

Most mortified as witnessed quite some argument between shop owner and Mrs Payne, made altogether worse by Mrs Payne declaring various shop pastries as "absolute filth", and further by Horseface appearing. Cantering up in her usual jolly manner, Horseface altogether changed course, exclaiming as she did,
"Coooe-oh, I say.".

Mrs Payne having been quietly ejected from establishment, had some words for Horseface. Said had made quite fearful situation, Mrs Payne positively obsessed! Horseface said was terribly sorry, by the by, did I know were rather short dated? Had warned her about buying so many, would not take a jot of advice. Replied with amusement I certainly did not know!

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