Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 188 - lunch

Mrs Payne putting in quite olympic effort regards biscuits. Queried last over dinner as to progress, was told had all but finished first tin! By the by, was not a jot hungry for dinner, might she leave it for tomorrow?

Other half much annoyed at quantity of biscuits, said was quite ridiculous, what was mother thinking? In any case, would take a tin of her for work, and be grateful of it. At this Mrs Payne said with pleasure,
"That will be two...", at which quite interrupted, said was terribly kind of her to give tin of biscuits to her only daughter. Mrs Payne reticently agreed, said she was going for a sit down in lounge.

Most amused over breakfast this morning, Mrs Payne altogether beaten by her biscuit marathon. Said could not face another crumb. Exclaimed by way of encouragement not to give up now, only had twenty two tins left! Mrs Payne exclaimed it quite dreadful, could not bear to give them away.

Finished breakfast and set to work, exclaiming to Mrs Payne, to which she provided fearful groan,
"You know, I fancy a biscuit!".

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