Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Day 188

Mrs Payne positively intolerable having found out biscuits have expiry. Decided not to cut off nose to spite my face, so accepted couple of biscuits yesterday lunchtime with tea, followed at afternoon tea by more biscuits, Mrs Payne declaring "just one" wouldn't do any harm. Proceeded to give me three.

Received knock on office door late afternoon, with Mrs Payne at door with fearful grin. Asked had I enjoyed the biscuits, perhaps I would like a tin for the office! Said it was terribly kind, would gladly take a tin. Awful temptation to have in office though!

Mrs Payne having provided tin, followed some uncomfortable silence. After this Mrs Payne coughed rather, said carefully,
"That will be two pounds fifty, please.".

Mrs Payne had quite look of shock as shut door in face, again holding her biscuits. Heard through the door Mrs Payne saying to herself with disappointment,
"I thought we had a sale there, Bitty!".

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