Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day 189 - lunch

Mrs Payne fearfully focused this morning, had quantity of tins left and was determined to get rid of them. Had started a new tin already at breakfast table, made quite sure to offer to other half and I. Said we'd wait to later.

Most pleased as Mrs Payne offered me a tin gratis. Said I would gladly take it, although quite certain will not be eaten before expiry. Took my tin to my office and started work with much pleasure.

Found Mrs Payne altogether absent at mid-morning tea time, and curiously, back door positively wide open. Investigating these found Mrs Payne having dragged deck chair from shed, was sitting on front lawn aside a neat stack of biscuit tins. Suspicious old couple looked on from door, upon which Mrs Payne exclaimed at volume,
"Cooee! Would you like some biscuits?", to which old couple most baffled, with Mrs Payne echoing louder,
"BISCUITS?", explaining to me poor couple quite deaf.

Queried what on earth was she doing, was not operating a market stall pitch, might she take her wares elsewhere? Declared she rather thought she couldn't, had to get rid of them, and quite impossible to transport. Replied I had just the thing.

Folded deck chair as Mrs Payne in best Sunday hat set off door-to-door, said with excitement,
"I'm sure to sell quantities! Super idea on the wheel barrow!".

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