Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day 189

Horseface and boss around for dinner last night, ever so sheepish as they arrived upon seeing quantity of tins still stacked in lounge.

Drinks having been provided, Mrs Payne set about her business, querying with optimism to each person,
Said I rather thought biscuits did not go with wine, however Horseface politely took a biscuit, as did boss, both nibbling them in silence.

Had quite jolly meal, with Mrs Payne exclaiming after each course, might we like a biscuit? It's what the French call an 'amuse bouche'! Begged her pardon, how was a biscuit an amuse bouche? Was told with excitement it was a biscuit on a little plate. All declined.

Had not a thing for dessert, and with much concern, all agreed that Mrs Payne could make her Ice Cream Surprise. As Mrs Payne toiled in kitchen, bound to say we were altogether concerned. Other half said with some worry,
"I say, I hope this isn't a blob of ice cream and three biscuits!".

Bound to say was prodigiously NOT a blob of ice cream and three biscuits. Rather, Mrs Payne returned from kitchen carefully carrying two ever so precarious constructions. Mrs Payne set these in front of boss and Horseface, both open mouthed before smiling politely. Begged Mrs Payne's pardon, how many biscuits had she used in the dessert? At this Mrs Payne said with pleasure,
"Oh, only half a tin!". All gasped rather, before smiling politely once more. Continuing this line of questioning, queried again,
"Half a tin between the two?", to which Mrs Payne said with some annoyance,
"Oh no, half a tin each!".

Other half and I said rather quickly, was terribly odd, were rather full! Might we come into kitchen and make our own Ice Cream Surprise? Other half and boss most exasperated at this, stared in silence at their monstrous dessert, with layer after layer of biscuits, neatly sandwiched with thin ice cream, before more biscuits were added in a fearful tower that was altogether overbearing. Mrs Payne exclaimed as she tottered into the kitchen,

Returned with our altogether smaller desserts, although Mrs Payne had made full tower for herself. Horseface and boss making quite some in roads, were saying ice cream and biscuits jolly nice, Mrs Payne quite the culinary genius! Mrs Payne said with pleasure,
"The secret ingredient is biscuits!".

Other half and I finished our desserts some time later. Biscuits ever so rich, but awfully nice with ice cream, quite weighed one down with every mouthful. Was altogether glad when finished the last mouthful, quickly declaring could not eat another atom, thanked Mrs Payne having offered more.

Horseface and boss faired rather worse, having started at quite some pace to get through the thing, both had eaten rather more than other half and I had. Boss exclaimed as she started,
"I say, Bitty, this is divine!". With each mouthful lethargy set in, with the diners sinking into their chairs as they continued to eat, and boss saying ever slower as he ate,
"I say.... Bitty... this.... is divine.".

After quite some time, Mrs Payne quite finished her dessert, said was delicious, may have a little more later! Half a tin of biscuits definitely right amount! Decided enough was enough, freed boss and Horseface from their miserable fate, suggested they might like to take the remainder of their dessert home. Both quite jumped at this, forcing their bowls into my hands as a child that doesn't want broccoli.

Thanked us for a lovely evening, with quite some sigh said they would certainly enjoy the dessert "a little later".

Horseface and boss having left, Mrs Payne in most jolly of moods, said had got rid of quite four tins! Had seen Horseface and boss did not have much left, so had added another batch to their containers to take away. Exclaimed nervously that I was sure they would be delighted!

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