Friday, 13 July 2012

Day 190

Mrs Payne returned yesterday afternoon perspiring rather but having got rid of several tins. One remained, however, and Mrs Payne most furious, complained bitterly that wheel barrow most unstable, had fallen over several times and one tin quite fearfully dented! Adding this tin back to a nearby pile, Mrs Payne added nonchalantly, by the by, did I know wheel was buckled on barrow?

Queried as to where biscuits had gone, at which Mrs Payne most pleased, said had given a tin away to homeless man. Ever so pleased to have helped the less fortunate. Was wearing quite fearful coat, so knew he was homeless.

Asked if Mrs Payne would like tea, most appreciated as Mrs Payne sat down and began counting nearby tins by way of inventory.

Coming back with tea found Mrs Payne quite asleep on sofa, uttering quietly under her breath,
"Tins.. Biscuits.. Officer would you like a biscuit.".

Had telephone call late afternoon, waking Mrs Payne with a start, exclaiming loudly,
"WHERE'S THE BISCUITS!", before focusing her eyes and saying with dismay,
"Oh, they're here.".

Boss on telephone altogether excited, said he didn't know why had not thought of it before. Cricket club holding fund raiser tonight. If Mrs Payne wanted to give away more biscuits, would gladly take ten! Passed this on to Mrs Payne, most pleased with this outcome, and was arranged to collect them early evening. Mrs Payne said with pleasure,
"To think, me, a charity benefactor! Fancy! You don't think I'll get an OBE, do you?".

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