Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 191 - lunch

Other half asked this morning over breakfast, by the by, was it not her mother's birthday on Thursday? Mrs Payne apparently going deaf, said after some moments,
"Sorry dear, did you say something?".

Question having been posed again, Mrs Payne most vague, birthday not a while, what terribly nice jam this is! Was it time for church? Other half explained with some concern, it was Monday, went to church yesterday. At this Mrs Payne said quite fancied a walk, would be back later, goodbye!

Watched as Mrs Payne exited promptly from back door, still in carpet slippers, and as Mrs Payne tottered down drive rather carefully, we watched with concern from behind lounge curtain as Mrs Payne looked back to house nervously, and presently at on nearby wall.

Saw suspicious old couple walk past, to which Mrs Payne uttered,
"Cooee!". This eliciting no response, Mrs Payne evidently in some annoyance, said rather loudly,

Other half said we would have to work tirelessly to cheer up mother regards her birthday. Have a feeling this will be fearful week.

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