Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 191

Other half and I went to coffee shop with Horseface and boss at weekend. Mrs Payne decided would rather not come, said with much annoyance would not step foot in the place on account of those "biscuit nazis". Thought this rather rough.

Had most jolly time, thought it terribly amusing regards Mrs Payne winning tin of biscuits. Said she did look a picture! Boss queried what happened with last tin? Said they were currently taking up ever so much space in freezer, as Mrs Payne had frozen them "for freshness". Other half most bemused also, said she was getting on a bit. By the by, was her birthday this week!

Asking how old she was, received most peculiar answers. Horseface said had been told was "just a few years" older than her. Other half said this positive nonsense, was certainly 68. Boss said this must be wrong, had told him she was 55! Bound to say I declared him a fearful ass.

Followed quite some thought by other half, said did not think mother born in 54, as such could not have 68th birthday. All agreed at once, we didn't know how old Mrs Payne was!

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