Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day 192 - lunch

Other half most insistent regards Mrs Payne's party, so got up fearfully early this morning to make birthday cake. Worked ever so stealthily, whispering ingredients as we went.

Had terribly shock as Mrs Payne appeared in doorway, saying sleepily,
"What are you doing? It's six o'clock.".
Bound to say had some uncomfortable silence, after which other half said with excitement,
"We're making pancakes!", adding why did she not go back to bed for an hour, they would be ready! At this Mrs Payne promptly sat at table, said in defiance,
"I'm awake now. Pancakes please.".

Looking at other half, had quite some nerves of making pancake. Had quantity of mixture in the bowl, certainly not that of pancake batter. Did not help a jot as Mrs Payne added helpfully,
"The mixture looks ready! Get the pan out! I'll have the first one!".

Quite disgusted look came over Mrs Payne's face as the rolled the fried mixture into something resembling a roll, more akin to rolling an omlette. Tasting it, Mrs Payne grimaced rather, reached for the condiments, saying after managing to swallow,
"Needs more honey.".

Other half and I looked on as Mrs Payne ate the first pancake, with more "cake" than usual. Quite horrified as Mrs Payne finished the pancake, saying with curiosity,
"I think even more honey on the next one. Are you not having any?".
Said I rather thought I wouldn't, at which other half altogether interrupted, said of course we would! At this other half made frightful quantity more pancakes, as mixture quite prodigious on account of amount for sponge cake. Sitting down at table other half said reticently,
"They look delicious!", as Mrs Payne helped herself.

They were dreadful.

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