Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day 192

Mrs Payne altogether fearful yesterday afternoon. Was in quite awful mood, items required quite thumping to the table, and positively everything was a "bounder".

Other half asked Mrs Payne would she like sherry after dinner. Said rather gently, was quite alright that it was her birthday, had checked. Also seventy positively spring chicken by today's standards. Could live to be a hundred! Bound to say rather didn't help, as said in frightful shock,
"A hundred!".

Mrs Payne most annoyed, said awfully sharply, was not her birthday. Repeating other half, I said with much feeling,
"Seventy isn't altogether that old", at which Mrs Payne exclaimed with rage,
"It's not my birthday! I'm not seventy! LIES!".

At this Mrs Payne got up and stalked into kitchen, quite stubbing her toe on doorframe, exclaiming in bellowing voice,

Finishing her sherry, other half said once Mrs Payne had left,
"So, what are we planning for the party?".

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