Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day 193 - lunch

Half asleep mid-morning, with Mrs Payne in quite jolliest of moods as I made tea. Said cocoa quite delicious at that time of night, might see about it regularly! Knowing more birthday cooking was planned tonight, said this most unwise was fearfully bad for digestion. Mrs Payne altogether unconvinced on this, however luckily changed subject.

Had quite some discussion on burglars in house. Said this most unlikely, Mrs Payne had no need to worry. At this Mrs Payne said had read in newspaper "some fearful bounder" had broken into old lady's home, quite robbed her while she slept. Steeling herself rather, said had better protect herself, rolled-up Prima would only go so far. Replied this quite nonsense, need only to cry out and I would be there to help. Mrs Payne most taken back by this, said incredulously,
"I say, Robert, I don't think you'll help a jot!".

Thought this decided rough. Mrs Payne tottered off to arm herself.

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