Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day 193

Fearfully tired this morning as up terribly late last night making another cake. Other half most annoyed morning cake turned into pancake yesterday morning, altogether blamed me, said I was making awful racket. Thought this decided rough.

All went to bed, and after midnight other half and I stole downstairs. Cake making altogether quiet operation. Other half provided instruction by way of pointing and mime of task. Bound to say baking-by-charades awfully slow, other half quite gave up on number of occasions, did it herself. Mimed much annoyance at not getting it by way of silently slapping forehead and looking up to God.

All but fell asleep as cake cooked, both leaning heavily on table with eyes almost closed. Was all but two o'clock when finished. Cake having been carefully hidden away to both cool and remain out of sight, received awful fright as heard steps on stairs and shortly Mrs Payne burst through door holding rolled up copy of Prima, exclaiming loudly,
"I've got a weapon, you bounders!".

Other half and I wearily said what was going on, at which Mrs Payne said with relief,
"Oh, I say! I thought you were burglars! What are you doing up at this time?".
Alibi already having been prescribed, both said in incredible unison,
"Thought I'd get some cocoa.".
Mrs Payne most suspicious at this, replied slowly,
"Alright. I will have one too.", and promptly sat down, eyeing us warily.

This development most annoying, was quite ready for bed. Set about making cocoa, at which other half gave enormous yawn, said, you know, did not feel like cocoa, would go to bed. Goodnight.

Positively furious as Mrs Payne slowly drank her cocoa, saying on occasion I wouldn't leave her on her own, would I? Slowly slipped into slumber as Mrs Payne chattered on. Woke with a fearful start as Mrs Payne said with curiosity, was ever so strange, had odd desire for cake!

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