Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day 194 - lunch

Made not a mention of Mrs Payne's birthday this morning. Most annoyed as Mrs Payne and other half talked at length about sausage rolls, ever so delicious. Was told altogether seriously that were not available for lunch, mind, were saving them for later. Thought boss and Horseface might pop around! Mrs Payne seemed altogether oblivious to this, said again sausage rolls delicious, was not sure she could stop herself!

Came down for lunch to find Mrs Payne at kitchen table, looking quite shameful, with empty box and not a crumb of sausage rolls remaining. Queried as to Mrs Payne having eaten sausage rolls, to which received much annoyed response that should not have left them out!

Had toast and made tea whilst Mrs Payne looked wistfully at empty box. Said was terrible shame there were none left. Poured tea for Mrs Payne, said at least had half of them left, stopping short of them being for later.

Taking her tea, Mrs Payne sighed rather, said she was going to do crossword in lounge, adding at kitchen door,
"By the by, I ate the other box at elevenses.".

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