Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 195 - lunch

Said not a jot about Mrs Payne's birthday this morning, although she was in most jolly mood.

Most surprised at mid-morning tea to come down to find Mrs Payne enjoying several sausage rolls. Querying this, Mrs Payne said with amusement,
"I hadn't finished them off at all! Fancy!".
Replied Mrs Payne quite terrible! Had not a jot to do with the affair myself, by the by. Mrs Payne said rather thought she was quite terrible. Would teach us a lesson. Would I like a sausage roll?

Eating sausage roll, said evening terribly amusing in retrospect. To see Horseface when accidentally shoved umbrella in her face! Looked furious! At this Mrs Payne looked altogether confused, said curiously,

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