Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 196 - lunch

Most surprised at lunchtime to find Mrs Payne still in dressing gown. Queried had I to call the Board regards hot water? Mrs Payne most displeased at this, said had packed all her clothes, had not a jot to wear! By the by, would I bring her suitcase downstairs?

Back hurts fearfully. Heaved Mrs Payne's suitcase downstairs, quite prodigious in weight. Complained bitterly at this. Said was sure did not need half items in its innards. Mrs Payne most defensive, said had packed only the barest of essentials. Had not even taken the lampshade for the bedside lamp!

Opened case with much annoyance to inventory said essentials. Mrs Payne positively furious at this, said did not want to see her "smalls". Looked upon case to see bedside lamp, bulb carefully nestling in quite largest brassiere had ever seen. Begged her pardon, "smalls" most inapt description, also, was it necessary to take two dozen back-copies of Prima? Ever so heavy. By the by, would need toaster for lunch, might we remove it? Mrs Payne much agitated at this, said with fury,
"You can remove the toaster, but I'm taking the frying pan!".

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