Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 197 - lunch

At breakfast, Mrs Payne positively refused to be convinced regards going on holiday. Other half commented would have quite jolliest of times, would we not! Mrs Payne replied would have not a jot of fun in coffin! Said I thought economy travel altogether poor, however were not in boxes, had seat and such! This quite ignored.

Came downstairs for mid-morning tea to find Mrs Payne on telephone sounding altogether furious. Set about making tea as heard Mrs Payne repeating,

Mrs Payne quite shook her head in annoyance as brought her tea, bellowed directly at me in response to telephone call,

Putting down telephone in quite frenzied annoyance, Mrs Payne said with exasperation,
"Do you know, you can't get a train to Madeira!". Replied I rather thought not, is an island. At this Mrs Payne most annoyed, said with contempt,
"We're an island, and I can get to Blackpool!".

Said I was going back to work as Mrs Payne looked through yellow pages, shouting after me,
"I say, Robert, what's the name of that cab company we use?".

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