Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 197

Mrs Payne ever so excited regarding holiday. Sat at dinner in quite some frenzy, queried had we packed? Was mere days away and terribly exciting! Had not been on a ship for positively decades!

Looked at Mrs Payne in much bafflement, begged her pardon, was there boat trips? At this Mrs Payne awfully amused, said I was a fearful idiot, how else might we get there? Other half looked altogether nervous as I explained would be flying. Mrs Payne altogether taken back, said after some moments silence,
"I say, are they safe?".

Took quite some pains to explain air travel altogether safe, are more likely to have accident driving car than flying! At this Mrs Payne looked most nervous, exclaimed ominously,
"But I don't drive.", adding with horror, "Oh, dear Lord, I'm done for!".

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