Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 198 - lunch

Came downstairs for mid-morning tea to find Mrs Payne stood in centre of lounge, listening to fear of flying CD. Eyes closed and arms outstretched, Mrs Payne slowly moved arms like wings, repeating at quite some volume,
"I soar! Like a bird! I soar!".

Carefully interrupted Mrs Payne by way of shouting rather to overcome headphones. Mrs Payne altogether startled, said dreamily,
"I've been flying, Robert!". Said this very good, where had she flown to? Mrs Payne terribly excited, replied,

Mrs Payne altogether pleased about CD whilst making tea. Said was fearfully powerful hypnosis, did not fear flying in metal beast a jot! Was terribly excited about it, might she have the window seat? Replied could certainly have window seat. Mrs Payne most pleased with this, said would be terribly jolly. Putting on her headphones for another "flight", Mrs Payne queried,
"On the aeroplane, if I open the window a crack, is it windy?".

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