Thursday, 26 July 2012

Day 199 - lunch

Other half altogether excited yesterday about Horseface having been to Madeira. Said could provide all kinds of insight into where to go and what to see. Could invite them for dinner today! Said this terribly good idea, was sure boss knew some Portuguese too. Mrs Payne positively furious at this development. Said SHE knew Portuguese and had not a jot of interest in what Horseface would say!

Dinner presently arranged, other half said would be terribly jolly if they could come along too! Had seen in town deal still available, would be like double-dating! At this Mrs Payne positively furious, said loudly,
"WHAT ABOUT ME?!". Quite stalked out of the room as other half in fearfully mischievous mood said nonchalantly,
"You can carry the bags.".

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