Thursday, 26 July 2012

Day 199

Went into town yesterday afternoon to see about new suitcase. Old one frightfully worn. Mrs Payne came along also to see about some new "smalls".

Inevitably saw Horseface, waving from some distance and mouthing in delight,

Coming close Horseface started talking before had even stopped, saying with curiosity,
"I say, very nice suitcase! Going on your hols?". Before had time to open my mouth Mrs Payne exclaimed in utmost seriousness,
"Oh no! He got it to store magazines.". Horseface and I looked equally confused at this. I said with some annoyance,
"Yes, we're going on holiday to", and before had time to finish sentence, Mrs Payne interrupted again with,

Quite furious at this, changed subject entirely, queried would we be having coffee? We would.

Picked moment ever so carefully, with Mrs Payne consuming quite profound forkful of cake, at which said to Horseface quickly,
"We're going on holiday to Madeira!". Horseface altogether interested in this, said had been there themselves, awfully nice place. Did we speak Portuguese? At this Mrs Payne positively furious, said sharply,
"Sim", promptly changed subject. Was terribly nice weather for this time of year, was it not?

Dragged suitcase back to car some time later, Mrs Payne saying in much annoyance should not have told Horseface about holiday, was certain to muscle-in on it. Are certain people one does not want to go on holiday with. Said I quite agreed!

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