Friday, 27 July 2012

Day 200 - lunch

Said not a word of "Como" this morning. Mrs Payne altogether quiet however. Other half said she had rather sore head.

Received telephone call from boss mid-morning. Said was terribly good news, had heard from Horseface, had managed to book same holiday in Madeira, hoped this alright. Said it positively delightful, would have quite jolly time!

Putting down phone quite jumped as Mrs Payne appeared silently behind me, saying with annoyance,
"So?". Replied it was terribly good news, boss and Horseface joining us on holiday!

Followed some conversation as to not possibly being true, was quite taking her for fool! Said most earnestly was absolutely true, even flights the same. At this Mrs Payne silent for some moments, after which said with dejection.
"I'll unpack the frying pan.".

[Author's note: the Diary will had a short sabbatical for a couple of weeks whilst I travel myself. Como!]

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