Friday, 27 July 2012

Day 200

Mrs Payne awfully unkind last night with boss and Horseface for dinner. All terribly excited regards holiday. Boss said it was rather nice location, were sure to have a good time. Positively delightful weather this time of year. Other half mentioned getting deal, to which Horseface most excited, said could perhaps look into it herself!

Throughout this Mrs Payne provided most negative comments. Said were sure to have fearfully bad time. Weather positively dire. Also thought it rather expensive. By the by, did Horseface know could not open windows on aeroplane?

This tirade politely ignored by boss and Horseface, continued their glowing appraisal of the place.

Having finished dinner, adjourned to lounge for sherry. Boss queried as to whether we knew any Portuguese. At this other half, in much excitement regards holiday, and further, glass of sherry, exclaimed in delight her mother knew Portuguese! At this Mrs Payne shifted rather on sofa, before had time to say otherwise boss had broken out into quite torrent of Portuguese, to which understood not a jot. Boss spoke several sentences, each answered by Mrs Payne with,
"Como?". Boss looked increasingly confused during this, while other half and Horseface positively delighted with the conversation, presumed quite dazzling in its linguistics!

Mrs Payne presently excused herself, after which other half and Horseface said Mrs Payne terribly impressed, to think she knew Portuguese! At this boss rather confused, said had not a jot of conversation, exclaiming in hushed tones,
"I say! Bitty didn't understand a thing! Only 'Sorry?' in reply! Sorry to say it, Bitty doesn't know a jot of Portuguese that I heard!".

Returning some time later Mrs Payne said with a yawn was terribly tired, shall go to bed. Goodnight! At this other half said by way of reply,
"Como!". Mrs Payne most confused at this, said reluctantly,
"Como..", in response. Followed quite barrage of bedtime wishes to Mrs Payne,
"Como!", "Como!", "Como!".

Mrs Payne having gone upstairs, quite frenzy of muted tittering persisted. All positively thrilled to the core, set about having a little sherry, tittering rather, and saying quietly,
"Como!", setting off the cycle again.

After quite some time Mrs Payne shouted downstairs in somewhat annoyance,
"I can hear you! Would you please be quiet!". At this sober silence fell over group, after which other half squealed rather, and in childish exuberance, said loudly, as all quite fell about with laughter,

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