Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 201 - lunch

Altogether avoiding Mrs Payne at lunchtime, was positively barraged with crossword questions at mid-morning tea. Today's newspaper had arrived, and Mrs Payne quite frantic with surprise.

Feel I should write more about holiday, seeing as have some time available, hiding in office.

Bound to say start of holiday altogether awkward. Did not travel with Horseface and boss, although had said to meet them in hotel lobby after arrival. Mrs Payne appeared wearing headscarf and sunglasses such that would think her movie star. Other half most annoyed as mother said in hushed excited tone,
"I don't want to holiday with fearful Horseface. Pretend I didn't come and you don't know me! I'm undercover!". At this Mrs Payne sat in adjacent seat in lobby, looked away mysteriously, and presently opened her copy of Prima.

Horseface and boss arrived thereafter, greeting us with much excitement, and immediately saying in surprised unison,
"Hello Bitty, so glad you came!".

In defiance, Mrs Payne kept sunglasses on for entirety of evening meal, despite room altogether dim in lighting, and further seeing not a jot of what was on the table. Other half insisted they be taken off, as Mrs Payne picked up little vase in lieu of wine glass, jumped rather as got face full of tiny flowers, exclaiming quietly,
"Oh, I say!".

Horseface, boss and I thought it terribly amusing. Dessert came and all looked in amusement as Mrs Payne dipped spoon into her creme brûlée, said with some disappointment, was rather under-done. At this each fought to reply, with me winning, saying to Mrs Payne ever so casually,
"I say, is it a bit grainy? I think that's the sugar bowl.".
Mrs Payne much annoyed at this. Said would take her creme brûlée in room. Good evening. At this Mrs Payne got up with much indignation, felt carefully for her creme brûlée, quite stormed out of restaurant fearfully knocking poor young woman sat at table near door, saying loudly as she collided,
"I say, do you mind! Get out of my way, you bounder!".
Bound to say all at our table quite horrified by this and altogether shrank at ensuing silence, during which man at nearby table said quietly to wife,
"I say, she must be someone famous!".

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