Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 201

Other half altogether disinterested in work this morning. Said optimistically was feeling rather under the weather, might she stay at home instead? Positively bundled her out of door, saying was absolute nonsense, should get to work and would do the same myself! Have a good day!

Sat down with toast as Mrs Payne pored over quite pile of newspapers for crosswords. Suggested next time might stop papers whilst away. Mrs Payne looked up with some annoyance, said seriously,
"Don't you have work?". Replied was eating my toast, by the by, had seconds in toaster, was fearfully slow. At this Mrs Payne queried as to being altogether wise to eat toast in office, ever so time saving. Said was most ridiculous thing had ever heard. Could she pass the butter?

Mrs Payne most frustrated by newspapers. Said with exasperation,
"I say, it's going to take two weeks to get through these!". Explained in two weeks' time, two more weeks would have arrived! Mrs Payne most baffled by this, queried carefully,
"I've already got two weeks', how can we get more?". Set about buttering my seconds as asked Mrs Payne, what about today's newspaper? At this Mrs Payne held up newspaper from some days ago, said with confusion, was doing this one. Looked at Mrs Payne with quite some silent wonder as she shook newspaper rather, said with assurance,
"This newspaper today!". Replied on second thoughts, would take toast upstairs.

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