Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 202 - lunch

Mrs Payne still positively obsessed with crosswords, so once again avoiding her in office. As such shall continue regards holiday.

Most strange following Mrs Payne storming out of hotel restaurant. Returned next evening and altogether shocked as waiter carefully ushered us to quite delightful table, positively ignoring all but Mrs Payne, hoped table was suitable, and please do let him know if was anything not to her liking.

Waiter having charged off, Mrs Payne altogether nonchalant, said with disregard whilst reading wine list,
"I say, that waiter must know who I am.". All positively baffled by this, queried as to who she was. At this Mrs Payne most annoyed, said with quiet exclamation,
"I say, you are fearful idiots! I was once secretary of the local W.I!", to which other half added quietly,
"Until she was caught withholding funds to buy more cake!".

All thought this positively hilarious, and waiter kept for quite some moments, politely waiting for us to provide him with order. Having ordered, Mrs Payne said to waiter had one more thing, might he see about moving couple at nearby table? Had been looking right at her for some moments, was most disconcerting. Was certainly one to 'love thy neighbour', but really, had clearly not dressed for dinner. Might he see about giving them five pounds and sending them to somewhere more appropriate?

Bound to say waiter ever so polite regards informing Mrs Payne, by the by, were paying guests in hotel, however would see what he could do. After some quiet words with couple, Mrs Payne most pleased, as couple were presently moved to patio area. At this Mrs Payne smiled rather, said with some exasperation,
"Some people!", adding after some moments, "I say, I fancy champagne.".

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