Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day 202

Mrs Payne positively unbearable last night over dinner. Said with pleasure had little surprise for other half and I. Most dismayed to find was crossword, might be solve over dinner and have it back to her afterwards? Other half much displeased at this, said work had been quite fearful, was not being put to work at home, crossword could be hanged.

Set about repeating other half's speech, quite cut off by Mrs Payne, said had provided a pen next to soup spoon, might I stop dilly dallying?

Other half positively silent over dinner as I scrutinised crossword. Bound to say was fearfully difficult, didn't know how Mrs Payne managed. Queried as to clue, seven letters, starting P, young man with letters after his name. At this Mrs Payne said with amusement,
"I say, Robert, you are a fearful idiot! It's postman!". Begged her pardon, was not sure that was it. This duly ignored.

Bound to say crossword ever so much fun having disregarded logic. For clue, four letters, starting W, keeps one warm, put w-i-n-e. For clue, five letters, starting P, most unwelcome, put p-a-y-n-e.

Handed crossword back to Mrs Payne with some amusement. Most concerned as Mrs Payne looked at it rather, then said carefully,
"I say, Robert, you must think me quite stupid! Pain has an I not a Y!". Choked rather as said in surprise, how silly of me. Mrs Payne quite ignored this, repeated as she correct it,
"That's right. P. A. I. N. E. Perfect.". Replied wearily, might we like a sherry?

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