Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 203

Had quite frightful night's sleep. Mrs Payne still determined regards crosswords, despite other half saying would be as well to throw them away. Would think from response from Mrs Payne that daughter had suggested banning biscuits. As such, Mrs Payne asked late evening would I like a coffee, would have one herself by way of staying awake. Other half advised against, was terribly silly having coffee, was late already! Said I agreed wholeheartedly. By the by, I'd get the mugs.

Bound to say was most jolly having coffee in evening. Unfortunately rather less so as fearfully restless sleep. Went downstairs in small hours, having tossed and turned, to find Mrs Payne still at crosswords. Was terribly pleased to see me, said I could help! Would I like another coffee? Had one herself a while ago, positively boundless energy! This being rejected, Mrs Payne fired in rapid succession five crossword clues. Was terribly clever, doing five crosswords at once! Sure to catch up! Stood in silence for some moments with eyes half closed and feeling awfully grey, after which slowly shuffled out saying was going back to bed.

Sat at breakfast table this morning most lethargic. Said quietly to other half was quite right regards coffee. Quite worst idea ever conceived to have before bed. Other half shook her head rather, replied was getting rather late, might we wake her mother? Said would be delighted.

Mrs Payne quite leapt out of skin as other half and I said rather loudly at the same time,
"MRS PAYNE!", "MOTHER!". Mrs Payne jerked up from breakfast table, where head had been resting in slumber, cut out crossword neatly stuck to her face, said in disarray,
"OH, I SAY! ALL TO STARBOARD!". Other half quite laughed herself silly. Said was altogether ridiculous could not get to bed, would not be having coffee again, had a good mind to take away crosswords! At this Mrs Payne, most disheveled, drew the crosswords into her arms, said with petulance,
"They're mine!".

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