Thursday, 16 August 2012

Day 204

Mrs Payne altogether let for breakfast this morning, presumably from lack of sleep night before. As such had some time to look at progress of her crosswords. Had neat little pile of six completed. Thought this most productive. Picked up yesterday's newspaper to read over breakfast.

Mrs Payne appeared presently saying was terribly sorry, had overslept! At this other half most scorning regards having coffee. Helping herself to toast, asked Mrs Payne rather carefully, by the by, how many crosswords were in newspaper? Looking not a jot up from her toast, Mrs Payne replied with some annoyance, was obviously one, and would I mind putting yesterday's back where it came from, had "a system".

Handed newspaper back to Mrs Payne, saying might she look on page 19. Doing so, Mrs Payne most bewildered, gasped rather at such shock early morning, and putting head in hands, as one quite unable to cope with such stress, Mrs Payne exclaimed with woe,
"They've put two crosswords in!".

Presently checked remainder of newspapers. Apparently publisher thought adage "give them what they want" applied in abundance to crosswords, since start of this week, had been printing two rather than one.

Grabbing envelope in fury, Mrs Payne began working out her progress, quite cut me as I said was terribly simple to work out, might I. Mrs Payne scribbled furiously as said under her breath,
"Six... Four... Five... Carry the three...".

Mrs Payne looked up hopelessly at other half and I, said with dejection,
"I'm back where I started!".

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