Monday, 20 August 2012

Day 206

Mrs Payne awfully bored now has no crosswords.  As other and I read Sunday newspapers, was most concerned to watch Mrs Payne rummaging through kitchen cupboards, as was sure,
"I've seen a bread contraption somewhere.".
Bound to say kept altogether quiet in this regard, said hadn't faintest idea where it was.  Other half echoed this, looking altogether nervous.
Other half and I exclaimed at once by way of discouragement, might Mrs Payne like some tea?  Was still some in the pot!  Was delicious!  This altogether ignored, as moments later Mrs Payne heaved from cupboard, with some oofing, our old, barely used bread maker.

Watched with some amusement as Mrs Payne opened and closed various flaps and pressed buttons on the device as a child.  Had altogether good intentions regarding the item ourselves, but most inconvenient regards measuring ingredients and suchlike, further produced quite fearful results.  Said this to Mrs Payne, in great detail, explaining really was better to put back in cupboard.  Quite frightful item.  This altogether ignored as Mrs Payne said with delight,
"Who wants bread!".

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