Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Day 207 - lunch

Steeled myself this morning as looked at fearful loaf, still significant quantity left, as to going out to deli.  Thought carefully about this between interruptions of Mrs Payne asking other half and I, were we sure did not want toast?  Said most categorically, were fine with cereal, thank you.

Decided before mid-morning tea that would have to escape before had another offer of bread for elevenses.  As such carefully gathered coat and such around 10 o'clock, and received much fright as Mrs Payne appeared at bottom of stairs, saying with some suspicion,
"Where are you going!".  Bound to say had not a jot of idea what to say to this.  Cursed my lack of preparedness, had not come up with alibi.  Some moments passed as I descended the stairs, saying weakly,
"Sorry?  What was that?".
Mrs Payne eyed me carefully, before saying again slowly,
"Where are you going?".
Said quickly and with utmost disregard,
"Oh, just seeing Horseface.  Would you like to come?".

Shut front door with elation, Mrs Payne said would rather be hanged, and tripped down drive as a schoolboy bunking off from school.

Got to deli with some excitement.  Heart positively pounded as looked upon various pastries, savoury and sweet, as well as rainbow of cakes, and not a jot of dry roasted peanut to be seen!  Asked for largest cup of tea could muster, would have croissant, tea cake, and would see about cake shortly, thank you very much.  By the by, might they be able to put me some items in box?

Felt ever so brave returning home with cardboard container, crammed with cake.  Had asked specifically that they make best use of space for least conspicuous package.  Had thought as enjoyed my treats that would be far too obvious to take through front door.  As such would put at back door and retrieve later.

Entered through front door ever so brightly, said had quite jolly morning, hoped Mrs Payne had also.  Most dismayed to hear she rather had, by way of another loaf of bread.  Said with some reluctance was certainly spoiling us, had not finished first loaf yet!  At this Mrs Payne said dismissively, had finished it herself.  Mrs Payne led way to kitchen, exclaiming with delight,
"You'll never guess what's in this one!".

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