Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Day 207

Other half most concerned yesterday evening, as was confronted by mother and large slice of bread.  Evidently the slab easier to cut whilst cool.  Other half said would really rather wait until dinner to eat, however Mrs Payne most insistent, said with optimism,
"Oh do try a bite!  It's delicious!".

Giving a gracious smile, other half picked up bread, saying with surprise,
"Oh, it's not as light as I would have thought!".  Mrs Payne nodded with pride, said victoriously,
"That's how it's supposed to be!".

Watching this sight from armchair, bound to say got terribly bored.  Other half, most unwisely not inspecting the devilish bake, took altogether large bite, at which spent quite some minutes chewing, switching expression from indulgent,
"Mmm!", to fiercely concentrated chewing.
Finishing the bite, other half gasped rather for air, queried with some concern, what was in it?  Mrs Payne most delighted with this question, exclaimed at once,

Other half looked most grave as proceeded to think most seriously whilst picking bits from teeth with her tongue.  After some time, other half said with amusement,
"I say, wine gums, cake sprinkles, and roasted nuts!".  Mrs Payne most displeased at this, said reluctantly,
"Well, you got one right.", tottering off some remainder of slice in some annoyance.
"Good Lord, which one?!", was other half's reply to me.  Said as put down newspaper, not to worry, only had three quarters of loaf left.  By the by, our nice loaf from supermarket was given to the birds.  Other half sat in silent dejection at this, saying after some minutes,
"What's for dinner?".  Felt awfully sorry as said to her carefully,
"Bread and soup.".  At this other half sat bolt upright, said loudly,
"OVER MY DEAD BODY!".  At this Mrs Payne came in, queried in confusion,
"Sorry, dear, 'order mind head lorry'?  Anyway, I've put the soup on!".  Looked directly at other half, most furious, I said quietly,
"It very well might be.".

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