Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day 208 - lunch

Other half came home fearfully tired yesterday evening.  Was most fatigued as Mrs Payne said brightly would she like to taste the new loaf?  At this other half stated was terribly sorry, had been fearfully busy day, bread could bally well hang!  Mrs Payne most upset about this, said sulking,
"Robert said we could try it together!".  Bound to say gulped fearfully at this, commented as to what we might have for dinner.  Mrs Payne added to this with excitement,
"Oh!  Bread and soup!".  This quickly dismissed as other half and I said in unison,

Other half suggested would have to be terribly delicious, needed some cheering up.  Further, had been told by colleague that deli around corner did all kinds of cakes and such now, was craving something delicious all afternoon.  Said I didn't have a clue what she was talking about.

Settled on other half's favourite of salmon en croute for dinner, despite much suggestion from Mrs Payne as to club sandwiches, salmon sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, cheese on toast, beans on toast and finally, just toast.  All vigorously declined.  Mrs Payne sulked furiously as said petulently,
"You've not even guessed the special ingredient!".

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